Guidance and Counsel

Life never quite prepares us for loss. Through experience we recognize that the choice of a final resting place can often be filled with emotion and confusion for family and loved ones when prior arrangements were not made and the wishes of the deceased were not expressed. At Fairview, we understand the process. Our role is to provide the response, empathy, guidance and counsel for family, friends and loved ones in a personalized manner.

Lot, crypt or niche availability

Fairview offers many internment options which vary according to location and type of accommodation selected. The three main options include traditional ground burial, mausoleum crypts, and niches for cremated human remains. All are all available for personal selection.

In ground burials can be for casket burial or cremation burial, and in some instances for both. The option also exists where the cremated human remains can be buried in the same grave as a casket burial. The number of cremated remains and their placement are best known by calling the office for details.

A niche is an enclosed compartment which can accommodate up to two individual cremation containers. Names and dates are inscribed on the granite niche front, after placement.

A crypt is designed for the entombment of casketed remains. Accommodation of cremated human remains may be made with certain selections. Names and dates are inscribed on the granite crypt front, after placement. Crypts are arranged for one or two in several choices.  

Further details, or to schedule an appointment for personal selection is accomplished by calling the office at (908) 232-0781.
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Preparing Ahead

Throughout life, experience reminds us of the wisdom of foresight and planning. The foresight to purchase a cemetery lot, a mausoleum crypt or cremation niche is one way to lessen the stress on loved ones at the time of loss. Making decisions about a final resting place during life guarantees that your wishes are met without having to depend on others who by necessity may have to make decisions colored by grief and not governed by reason.